Suspension Straps

Which Suspension Trainer Offers Good Value for Money?

Hey there, Brad here. Today I am going to talk about which suspension training straps offers good value for money if you are on a budget and cannot afford the more expensive TRX training brand.

The TRX brand offers a very good product backed by excellent customer service as well as add-ons for their customers and members. They have a large assortment of accessories and apparel so that you have everything that you need. They offer fitness trainers an education course so that you can offer one on one training or group training privately or at gym. The TRX education course is a must and highly recommended.

Now as I mentioned above, if you have a limited budget, the TRX Home Suspension Trainer kit might be out of your price range at $199.99. There is however a very excellent alternative to the TRX in a US made product called the WOSS 3000 Equalizer Suspension trainer at 1/5 the cost at $39.99. You can buy 5 WOSS trainers for one TRX and if you are a personal instructor starting out, this makes the most sense for business.

WOSS 3000 Equalizer TrainerThe Woss Equalizer Suspension trainer 3000 series is just as good as the TRX with all the accessories that you need to get started. For a fraction of the price, this looks a more appealing choice and frankly suspension training is suspension training. There is no difference in the exercises that you do with type of trainer that you use. The results that you achieve are equally the same.

A great choice for personal trainers

If you are starting out in the fitness world and want to add suspension workouts to your resume and portfolio, you will need to purchase up to 10 suspension training straps. 10 is a typical number for a group training session.

Buying up to 10 TRX straps is going to put quite a dent in your budget to start. $2000.00 versus $400.00: not a difficult one to solve really. Your best option is the Woss trainer. It is well manufactured and might even work better with wear and tear. I really like the steel loop that is used which will limit the wearing at the most stressed point of the straps.

This is also a good choice for those who want to try suspension exercises as a new form of workout. You do not get as many workouts as the TRX but there are plenty on YouTube by searching for suspension workouts here.

I hope this has help you to make an informed decision and you can read another really good in-depth review of WOSS vs TRX suspension trainers here.