Suspension Exercises For Your Upper Body

Hey TRX fans, I have 3 awesome suspension exercises for your upper that targets the chest, arms and shoulders. These workouts are brought to you by no other than world re-known TRX expert, Dan Long. As I am currently using Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution program, I have added these into my workout by changing some of the current chest exercises out for these new ones.

Working out with TRX straps is a big bonus because you are not limited to the same place, you can pretty much train anywhere.

So these upper body suspension exercises consists of the following workouts: Single leg opened reverse fly; Single arm tricep press with knee drop and Single arm chest press. These exercises should be done for 30 to 45 seconds at 3 to 4 rounds. Three rounds is the optimal workout but going 4 rounds pushes you a little more with phenomenal results.

None of these TRX chest exercises are difficult to do and are very easy to follow. They are for any level and it is always best practice to start off slowly just to get used to the movements. Once you have the hang of the exercise then you can really get into and start getting results. The biggest difference between suspension training and regular gym equipment is that with equipment you are limited to the same lateral movements. These movements are not a natural movement for the body and you also not using as many muscles at the same time.

With TRX, you engage over 600 muscles for stability and this is what helps strengthen your core. You cannot achieve this with any other workout equipment at the gym. Once you have a strong core, your fat burning and muscle building results will come much faster.

trx chest exercises reverse fly

Lets go over the 3 exercises that Dan has added to his program.

The first exercise is the Single leg opened reverse fly. Stand towards the anchor point, holding a handle in each hand with your palms facing in. Lean your body back and lift your left leg leg. Open both arms with one straight out to ceiling and the other pointing to the floor. Make sure that your body and arms are straight at all times. Move back to the starting position with arms together out in front of you and repeat by switching direction of hands, so that your top hand is now at bottom and perform reverse fly in the opposite direction. Repeat for desired duration of time.

Next is the Single arm tricep press with knee drop. With your straps in single hand mode (left into right), hold the handle with your right hand with left hand on your hip. Face away from anchor point with feet in an offset position. Bend your right arm back behind your head, while leaning forward and dropping your knee down (watch the video below). Return to start and continue for your desired amount of time. Change hands and repeat the exercise. Try keep it going for the same amount of time so that you have a balanced workout.

Last is the Single arm chest press. With your straps in single hand mode, face away from anchor point with your feet together. Place your left hand on your hip with your right arm holding the TRX handle, extended out in front of you at shoulder height. Bend your right arm, bringing the elbow back, lowering your body into a chest press and then return to the starting position. Continue for desired amount of time, and then repeat with your left hand holding the handle and right hand on hip.

Watch the video below to see how to do these exercises.

Dan is brilliant and is always coming up with new and exciting exercises for all areas. Visit this webpage below for more details.